My dog Bruno is now so much more focused on our relationship. It's mutual.




I am very grateful to have found Alison as she has helped me put the final touches on the training of my 2 year old Golden Retriever, Lily.  I learned to stop her incessant on-leash pulling in the first session I attended—with a powerful dog who is incredibly strong when focussed; that has been a game changer.”


Alison has a keen sense of what is required to successfully train our dog,  Sugo. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his well-being. She is very patient and approachable when it comes to sharing her extensive wisdom on the needs of both dog and owner.”


I was referred to Alison when my dog Whiskey was just 2 months old and I never looked back to search for another trainer.  Whiskey is quite nervous, shy and gets distracted very easily but Alison gave me tools, skills and confidence to support him. Alison's 1:1 sessions as well as "Out & About" classes were amazing. Both Whiskey and I look forward to more”


Alison is fantastic. She worked with us since Brodie was a wee pup, and her patience and kind determination helped us immensely. Her "out and about" classes were especially useful, setting Brodie up for good behaviour out in the real world. Her methods are 100% positive and always encouraging. Brodie absolutely adored her, and I deeply appreciated her rock of support. Sadly we've recently moved back to Scotland and I haven't yet managed to persuade Alison to hold weekly classes here too - I'm working on it!”


Alison’s approach to dog training is so gentle and positive and the results we have seen with our Golden Retriever have been like magic. With Alison’s patience and skill, we watched our girl become a more confident and happy dog.  Her classes taught us how best to work with our dog using only positive reinforcement. (Alison only used positive reinforcement with us too, as we learned!)


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