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Attentive Dog on Leash with Eyes on Walker


Do you want a well-behaved dog but don't  have time for training?  Hearts and Hounds Dog Training can do it for you!  With our Day Training service, we will work with your dog in and around your home while you are at work.  This program includes an initial consultation to discuss your training goals and develop a customized plan, and a transfer session to teach you how to maintain your dog’s new behaviours.  Since repetition and consistency are required for learning, a minimum of 4 sessions is required.


The total number of sessions required to reach your goals will depend on several factors including whether we are teaching new behaviours or resolving problem ones, your expectations, your commitment level, and your dog’s temperament and experience.  For best results, we recommend two to three sessions per week with a transfer session at the end of each week.  NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME.

LOCATION:  In your home and around your neighbourhood.  Service area is limited to Vancouver.


  • Initial assessment (1 to 1.5 hours): $150

  • Training sessions (45 minutes): $90.75

  • Transfer sessions (45 minutes): $90.75


Please contact us to book a session.


Please read our Policies & FAQ section before registering for any of our services.

* Travel fee may apply.

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